Salary and Benefits

So all residency programs have the same benefits right? Wrong. Here at UCSD there is a residents association that works on behalf of the residents and negotiates housestaff salaries and benefits. Because of a strong history of representation, UCSD residents enjoy great benefits.


2014/2015 Housestaff Salary Scale
Level Monthly Annual
Resident Physician 1
Resident Physician 2
Resident Physician 3
Resident Physician 4
Resident Physician 5
Resident Physician 6
Resident Physician 7
Resident Physician 8
Chief Resident

-Health insurance- Blue Cross
-Dental insurance- Anthem Blue Cross
-Vision insurance- Vision Services Plan
-Access from home and hospitals to EPIC, MD Consult, and electronic medical journals
-$500 book allowance/year
-$4,000 housing stipend/year
-Lab coats and laundry service
-Step 3 of USMLE and Medical Licensing Fees
-DEA license paid for by UCSD
-Leadership conference for senior residents
-Travel to conferences when presenting poster or paper
-Malpractice Insurance covered by training program
-Tax-deferred retirement plan (403(b) plan)
-Free parking at most sites
-Four weeks paid vacation per year (two 2-week blocks)
-Four days during winter holiday
-Maternity/Paternity leave
-Sick leave
-Monthly Housestaff parties with free food and drinks

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